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Eyelet Buttonhole

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Diana Compact Eyelet Buttonhole
Sewing Machine

The buttonhole length and taper bar length are adjustable by indicator knob. Stitch length is easily adjustable .

Sewing speed:  1400 stitches/min
Taper bar length:  4mm - 9mm
Stitch length: 0.5mm - 1.5mm
Buttonhole length: 12mm - 35mm
Stitch width:  2.2mm - 3.2mm

Diana compact eyelet buttonhole sewing machine

Seaming tips

Needle thread trimmer

Knife selection

Seaming tips

Needle thread trimmer

Knife selection for cutting




Changeable eyelet lever

Built-in taper bar

adjustable buttonhole and taper bar length

Eyelet buttonhole or without eyelet is changeable by lever.

Built-in taper bar or without taper bar works by lever.

Buttonhole length and taper bar length adjustable knob.




Adjustable stitch length



Stitch length is easily adjustable.



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