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KS-EU Cutter

Model KS-EU is really the last word in small size straight knife cloth cutting machines, combined with a fully automatic knife sharpener. The newest and most advanced technology is adopted for this machine to ensure the finest cutting out of various styles of cut, as well as for thin piece goods.  Our KS-EU model, as well as other KM series cutters, have full die-cast housings.

KM's KS-EU cutting machine

Outstanding Features:

* Adoption of full die-cast housings ensures lighter weight and easier operation.
* Safety devices on switch mechanism and pulley ensure perfect insulation.
* Knife sharpening device works automatically by lightly pressing down the sharpener lever.
* Two abrasive belts of heavy duty backing, rotating in different directions, maintain correct pressure power and angle.  This is the KM time-saver mechanism. It ensures the same angle of cutting edge and makes the life of the knife last longer.

Applications: Cutting of wool, cotton, knit, felt, tarpaulin, canvas, linen and synthetic fabrics and other textiles.

Capacity Cut: EU5, 90mm Output: 200W Voltage: 100V Net Weight: 9 kgs

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KM Birdie Cloth Cutting Machine

Unique Features:
A light 600-gram plastic body for easy handling for women.
A heptagonal upper blade that, with the lower blade, prevents fabric slipping for accurate cutting of any type fabric.
Continual sharp, clean cuts on all fabric, thick or thin.
Simple push button starting and automatic sharpening.
Easy operation by simply holding the switch bar gently.

Useful Applications:
Adds flexibility in cutting for everyone; apparel manufacturers, dressmaking schools to professionals.
Any type of material sample, from difficult one-piece patterns to layered patterns of expensive fabrics are easily cut. Jobs easily handled include:

All types of fabric liners such as knit, silk, cotton, hemp and so on.
  Interior materials such as carpet and curtains.
  Thin vinyls, leathers and car seats.

Item No. -- KM-RS50
Price: $350.00
Shipping:  $10.00

Birdie Cloth Cutting Machine
Standard and Optional Blade Configurations

Blade Size:  50mm Heptagonal (or Round)
Cutting Capacity:  6mm
Weight:  600g (excluding electric cord)

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KM RS-100 Octa Cloth Cutter

Unusual Features:
Lower blade mechanism and octagon shaped circular knife prevents a single piece from clogging the knife or coming in contact with the machine parts.
* An exclusive extra thin base plate guarantees a precision and smooth cut by non-slipping out of the works.
The high performance electric motor provides exclusive high power. The air-guide systems keeps the motor from overheating.
Re-sharpening of knife edge is automatic by pushing a spring loaded projection switch. Also designed for easy replacement of grinding wheel.

Knife size:  100mm (4")
Knife shape: Octagon
Cutting Capacity:  25mm (1")
Net Weight:  2.9kgs

Item No. -- KM-RS100
Price: $675.00
Shipping:  $15.00

KM RS-100 Octa Cloth Cutting Machine

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